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What is a CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System.

A CMMS software package will help you to manage the maintenance of your equipment and facilities. You can use Maintenance Management Software to track and plan your preventive maintenance schedules, and make better maintenance decisions to save time and money. The right Computerized Maintenance Management System can help you manage your resources better, in any industry.

What can a CMMS do for You?

Improve Planning and Decision Making

  • Maintenance Management Software allows you to schedule maintenance activities so you can be proactive instead of reactive
  • Store maintenance information with your software. Retrieve information regardless of personnel changes in your organization
  • Make informed decisions about repair and replacement

Improve Efficiency

  • Minimize equipment downtime
  • Improve scheduling of maintenance staff
  • Manage routine maintenance tasks more efficiently

Save Money

  • Prevent expensive repairs and expensive equipment downtime
  • Track parts costs and needs and make better supplying decisions

PMXpert Support

PMXpert is the leader in the Computerized Maintenance Management Software industry. This handles both PM Scheduling and On-Demand maintenance.

Our preventive maintenance support staff is second to none. They have exceptional response time and do what ever it takes to get the job done!

"I demo'd approximately 25 CMMS packages, and yours is the best and most intuitive by far. "
Wayne King - Charles J. King, Inc

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